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Replication timing alterations in leukemia affect clinically relevant chromosome domains

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Germline structural variations are preferential sites of DNA replication timing plasticity during development

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Next-generation sequencing enables spatiotemporal resolution of human centromere replication timing

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Quantification of somatic mutation flow across individual cell division events by lineage sequencing

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Germline DNA replication timing shapes mammalian genome composition  

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Analysis of somatic microsatellite indels identifies driver events in human tumors

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Mutational strand asymmetries in cancer genomes reveal mechanisms of DNA damage and repair

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[Cover article]


T cell help controls the speed of the cell cycle in germinal center B cells

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Cell-of-origin chromatin organization shapes the mutational landscape of cancer

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[Perspective by M. Teresa Villanueva]


Genetic variation in human DNA replication timing

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[Perspective by Ronald Hause and Jay Shendure]

[Research highlights by Kyle Vogan]


Abnormal dosage of ultraconserved elements is highly disfavored in healthy cells but not cancer cells

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DNA replication timing: coordinating genome stability with genome regulation on the X chromosome and beyond (Review)

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Origin replication complex binding, nucleosome depletion patterns, and a primary sequence motif can predict origins of replication in a genome with epigenetic centromeres

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Random replication of the inactive X chromosome

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[Perspective by Li Ding and Michael Wendl]


Whole-genome sequencing in autism identifies hot spots for de novo germline mutation

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[Perspective by Chris Ponting]

[Cover article]


Differential relationship of DNA replication timing to different forms of human mutation and variation

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MRC1-dependent scaling of the budding yeast DNA replication timing program

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Autocorrelation analysis reveals widespread spatial biases in microarray experiments

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The role of the DNA damage checkpoint in regulation of translesion DNA synthesis (Review)

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Is Saccharomyces cerevisiae apoptotic cell death associated with gene transfer? (Hypothesis)

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[Cover article]


ELG1, a yeast gene required for genome stability, forms a complex related to replication factor C

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Other publications

Mismatch repair prefers exons (News and Views)

Massey DJ, Koren A

Nature Genetics 49:1673-1674 (2017)